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Another Domain Price Change

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This article was created to alert you to the fact that .NET is raising their prices again and they will be adjusted accordingly in the portal’s pricing. This change is effective February 1, 2015. If you currently have a domain registered and due for renewal in the February-March-April time frame, I would suggest renewing it now for the best price. Possibly even for multiple years, considering the .NET extension yearly price has gone up more than $4 over the past decade.

It is not only us. Wherever your .NET domain is registered, the price is going up!

Over the past years we have tried to absorb many of the price increases and continue to offer the free domain registration/renewal with yearly hosting. We attempted to offset the .NET price increase by only increasing our prices by half, and allowing the .COM’s lower cost to cover the difference. In this year’s increase, the .COM will no longer be able to do this as .NET registrations are more common and it is the biggest increase yet.

Based on the new pricing, starting February 1st we will be offering .NET at $13.99/yr.

All other domain extension prices will remain the what they are now until their authorities change the prices.

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