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I’m labeling this as a promotion, though it doesn’t really ever end. We will always provide free domain registrations to clients who register their hosting on an annual basis. The free domain deal continues for as long as you renew your hosting annually. But there are some rules.

  1. The domain must be a .com, .net, .org, .de, .be, or .nl. We cannot offer this for all extensions, as domain prices can be more than your hosting, if you get the right one.
  2. It must be the primary domain on the hosting account. The portal will automatically take off the price of the domain if you register the domain with the hosting account.
  3. You must register/transfer the domain at the time you sign up for your hosting. This is not something that can be added later.
  4. The free domain deal does not require a coupon code and there are no coupons available on domain registrations. Coupons for hosting will work with this.

On top of getting a free domain name with your annual subscription, you will also get 2 free months of your hosting. Even on our smallest package, this is a savings of $23.44 every year.

Your domain registration lasts for a full year, why not have your hosting for the same time period? On top of the savings outlined above, you also have the ease of one renewal date and one place to manage all your website related products. We even offer SSL Certificates and other addon products your site could need.

Already own your domain? If you already own your domain and you’d like to continue to renew it for free with your annual subscription, just contact support and we will help you transition into your new package. If your domain is registered with another registrar, it will be required that you transfer it to us to get the free domain renewal deal.

Get This Thing Rolling

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It’s time to get this show on the road! There’s so much coming up in the next month and it’s super exciting. I just wanted to post really quick and extend a big THANK YOU to Sydney for stepping in to help make progress happen. Syd is an extremely talented designer and I am grateful to have her helping out to make sure this relaunch happens on schedule! Check out her site if you need any help with graphics, coding, WordPress, or basically anything website related.

I’m also excited about some publicity opportunities that have come up recently and the great responses I’m getting from clients. My favorite support ticket came yesterday when a client asked me for my advice on a script. After which, she stated..

You’re a genius thank you so much. I found archives of my domain. Wow I never knew this existed. Thank you again this saves me so much time recoding! This is why I love your hosting your prompt and very helpful! Thank you again Ms. Soesbee

And this lovely lady will find herself linked on the new site with her testimonial. Thank you so much Beth, for being a loyal customer for 8 years! But 8 years is nothing to another client, Lina, who was actually our very first client 11 years ago and still hosts her site with us today.

Free Domain For Life

Register your domain with your yearly hosting plan to save. Your domain registration will be free and you’ll also get 2 months of free hosting!

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