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New Site Launch Soon

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I’m basically writing this post to be a filler, but I’m also excited to be releasing the new site soon and want to blabber on about it. Gosh, seems like we’ve been trying for years (oh wait, we have..) to release something new and exciting and perfect. You’ll have to excuse us for being a little too perfectionist and wanting the best for you and for E-Starr. We never want to settle for anything and we don’t want you to settle, either.

My hopes are to have this new site up and ready by next weekend because, frankly, it really has been a long time in the making. And we may have to tweak some things after the release, but at least we’ll have something to show for all our efforts. And adding a blog.. how perfect an idea is that?!

I know no one is here to see and experience this with me, but I’m having fun talking to myself. I’m sure you’ll all be here to join me soon.


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