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Ways to Increase Traffic

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Whether you’re an individual, an organization, or a business your website’s purpose is to get other people to come to it. This post is not about keeping your visitors or converting them, but about getting them to your website in the first place. We’ll explore those in another post.

  1. Visit other websites and leave your mark. Comment on a blog, post on a guestbook, fill out a contact form. Try to do this daily.
  2. Reply back to all comments and emails promptly. If someone visits your blog and takes the time to comment, visit them back and comment as well.
  3. Exchange links with others. After you’ve been commenting or emailing or tweeting or facebooking back and forth with someone they’re pretty much your friend. Exchange links with them.
  4. Post your button on plugboards. This may not work for every type of site, but there are many different themed plugboards out there. You may get a visit from someone who has no interest in your site, but they may know someone to pass it on to.
  5. Invest in a domain and hosting. Of course, you know you can get these both right here with E-Starr. A domain name tells your visitor you are serious about your website. Using a free service like Blogger may cause people to leave your site once arriving.
  6. Update your meta. Meta tags and keywords are what search engines like Google use to tell people about your page. If you don’t have any, you’re allowing the search engine to simply pick some words from your site, which may not interest people.
  7. Pay for blog posts. You can go to PPP sites like Blogsvertise and pay as little as $5/post for someone to blog about your site. You can choose what types of sites and what their page rank is (page rank is how high the site ranks with Google and usually based on quality).
  8. Offer an affiliate program. Your current clients, customers & visitors will promote your site to make money. This will get more people coming to your site and you pay only on conversion.
  9. Pay Per Click Campaign. Get set up with a site like Adsense where people will get paid to send visitors to your site and you only pay when a visitor actually clicks the link and arrives on your site.
  10. Create a Facebook Page. A Facebook Page can increase your visitors immensely. First, you will invite all of your current friends and visitors to join. When they ‘Like’ your page, it will display on their friend’s walls giving them a chance to ‘Like’ you as well. When you post on your FB Page it gives you more exposure and the opportunity to get your post shared on their timeline. Lastly, FB has an advertising option where you can advertise your FB Page and choose who sees your ad and you can add a ‘Like’ link to the ad!
  11. Create a Twitter account. Twitter is built on relationships and the #1 best marketing tool ever is word of mouth. Use your Twitter account to build quality relationships and watch your success grow.
  12. Create a Pinterest. Pin images you post on your blog and link to your site. Watch how quickly other people like and repin your images.
  13. Order business cards with your website address and leave them everywhere. You can get business cards super cheap nowadays and they are still a valuable marketing tool. Plus, how cool are you when you hand over a business card?
  14. Participate in memes like Thursday 13 or Take it on Tuesday and add your link to their databases. Don’t like any of your options? Make your own!

The aim of this list is to help you grow traffic for free, or little cost in ways that will pay off over time. This is not a definitive list of everything you can do to make money, but it’s a good start for little cost. Harness the power of social media.


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