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As of August 31 the domain authority has raised the registration price of some domain extensions, which has trickled down to all domain registrars and resellers. Due to this raise in our cost, we have had to make some pretty hard decisions on the price of domains we offer. The goal was to keep prices as low as possible for our clients, while making sure that we weren’t throwing ourselves under the bus. We already offer certain extensions in our free domains with yearly hosting, but what about those of you who want more than one domain?

Rather than raising some domains a lot, we’ve opted for raising all domains a little. The purchases of the domains that didn’t go up in our cost will help to cover those domains that did go up. But, more than simply raising slightly across the board, we’ve also added a few extensions to our offerings to give you more options. Here are the current extensions we’re offering and the prices..

$11.99/yr –,, .es, .de, .be

$12.49/yr – .com, .net, .org, .us (must be US citizen), .nl

$12.99/yr – .info, .biz, .pw,,

$19.99/yr – .eu, .ca

$24.99/yr – .mobi,,,

$29.99/yr –,,, .cc, .me, .co

$79.99/yr –,,

$15.99/2yr –,, (must be UK citizen)

$59.99/2yr – .nu

If you would like to see us offer a domain extension that is not listed here, please comment on this post and let us know, if it is one our registrar offers we will add it.

For current clients who already have domains registered with us, you will not see an increase in the renewal cost of your domains until October 10. This gives you 30 days to renew at the previous, lower cost.


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