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Goodbye Bandwidth Limits

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I am so excited to announce that we will no longer be limiting bandwidth on any accounts! Not the Lil’ Blogger, not the Shared hosting, not even the Resellers (what?!).

If you’ve taken a look in your account you may still see a bandwidth bar there, and it doesn’t have a little infinity symbol. We aren’t going to be switching to ‘unlimited bandwidth’ in a way you might be used to. While your account will not be suspended for the amount of bandwidth used (which is the amount of visits to your website) you will still be notified when you reach a certain limit that may be a cause for concern. Let me explain..

If a website with 100mb space used ends up using 100,000mb of bandwidth, that can be red flag that the site has been hacked or is being attacked by spammers. You want to know this. You need to know this. So cPanel is going to email you when you hit that much and tell you that your limit has been reached. Your site wiill not be suspended.

The reason we impose limits on bandwidth is about trying to keep a site from getting out of control if it is compromised with an outdated script or being spammed because you’ve installed a WordPress and forgot it was there. Taking off these limits is a cause of concern, which is why we leave the limit in and simply remove the suspension of the account for reaching that limit.

Please note that while you won’t be suspended for using too much bandwidth, you may be suspended due to another issue that can cause excess bandwidth, like a compromised script or spam attack and we will notify you with information as soon as our investigation is complete.

Feedback on this and everything is appreciated! Please comment or send us a helpdesk ticket if you have any questions, concerns, or kudos.


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