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About Us

You might find that E-Starr is a little different than the typical hosting company, and that’s okay. Founded in 2002, E-Starr was created to provide a reliable and affordable hosting alternative for those creating personal sites, organizations, or small businesses that didn’t have a large marketing budget. More than a decade later we are still offering the services you need at a price that fits your budget. We do not oversell our resources to undercut the competition and we do not show ‘lower prices’ to get you in the door, then jack them up later or try to tell you that you can’t live without an expensive addon. All of our servers are high quality and we will never ask you to pay more for a more powerful processor. We also keep costs low by allowing our clients to recommend us because they believe in us, not because we will give them a cut.

Our Mission

“To provide affordable and reliable website solutions with a staff that is friendly and knowledgeable.”

Our Guarantee

Our guarantee is that you will get exactly the same service as described on our website. There are no hidden fees. There is no fine print. We will never raise our prices and force you to pay higher rates. If you have any questions before ordering, or need any help after you order, please contact us immediately. We are eager to help.

Free Domains

Your domain lasts for a year, why shouldn’t your hosting last that long, too. Buy any hosting package annually and receive a free domain name, as well as a discount on your hosting. Keep all your website products in one place and get a great price! If you choose to change your hosting from annual renewal, your domain is still yours to keep but you will begin being charged the standard annual fee for that extension.

Our Hardware

All of our servers currently reside in the AtlantaNAP datacenter in Atlanta, Georgia. E-Starr has always used GNAX as our exclusive provider because they have proven to be reliable and trustworthy for over a decade. AtlantaNAP features several 10Gbps network providers to ensure 100% network uptime. There is always a technician on site to address any issues and several forms of monitoring for each machine. We upgrade our server machines every 2-3 years to ensure we are not using old technology and to reduce the likelihood of failure. In the case of hardware failure, we have backups for all machines to restore client accounts quickly and with minimal data loss and downtime. Additionally, all of our servers feature SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) drive to maximize performance.