Have you noticed when you visit your site in Google Chrome it says Not Secure next to your website address? Not sure? Go ahead and check, I'll wait. ... ... ... Welcome back. So, what do you see? Is there a padlock or some big scary looking Not Secure? If you don't...

Why You Need WHOIS Protection

I was perusing some Facebook groups relating to website development and came across someone who was desperate for a solution to his problem. He was getting about 30 calls a day from companies trying to sell him stuff because his information was public on every domain...

Picking The Right Hosting Plan

You might be looking at all of the plans we offer and wondering which one is best for you. It's times like this where you really wish you had a friend who was an expert that could help you make the decision. Well, we'd love to be that expert friend. You're Not Stuck...

Is Your Domain Available?

Is Your Domain Available?

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