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How To Pick The Right Hosting PlanYou might be looking at all of the plans we offer and wondering which one is best for you. It’s times like this where you really wish you had a friend who was an expert that could help you make the decision. Well, we’d love to be that expert friend.

You’re Not Stuck In Your Plan

The first thing you need to know when choosing a hosting plan is that no matter which one you choose today, you can always upgrade or downgrade later. You can upgrade from a Shared Hosting plan to a Managed WordPress, or from a Reseller plan to a Cloud VPS and vice versa. You’re not stuck in any plan you choose today and you have the freedom to grow or shrink your plan as needed.

We’ve Got Big Plans For You

Throughout the years we’ve seen many companies begin and outgrow our Shared and Reseller hosting, so that’s why we’ve added the Cloud VPS solution. With our Cloud VPS we will continue to manage the server for you like any other hosting account, but you’ll have a semi-dedicated solution that will give you more freedom to grow. This is available whether you choose cPanel or Managed WordPress Hosting.

So What Are Your Plans?

In this article we will take common situations and make suggestions based on our expertise. If you don’t feel like your site fits with any, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help you get the right hosting plan set up.

If You Plan To Have One Site (For Now)

Recommended Hosting Package: Managed WordPress

We recommend Managed WordPress for a single site, especially for new users, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and professional bloggers. Choosing a Managed solution means your site will be hosted on a server that has been optimized for WordPress security and performance, as well as all the technical parts of WordPress will be handled for you. Our WordPress Experts will be available to you for questions, technical issues, and even minor site updates.

Not Using WordPress? Shared Hosting

If you’re not going to use WordPress for your site, then our Shared Hosting is best for a single website. Softaculous is included with all our hosting packages, so you’ll have 1 click installs for hundreds of scripts, including WordPress, if you’re on a budget or prefer the DIY method. VIP Support is available if you need more assistance.

If You’re Planning Multiple Sites/Projects

Recommended Hosting Package: Managed WordPress w/MultiSite

Having all your sites in one WordPress install saves you time and gives you less to keep up with because you’ll have one login to manage all of your sites. If you’d like to learn more about how MultiSite works, read our post: To MultiSite Or Not To MultiSite (coming soon)

Not Using WordPress? Reseller Hosting

Our Reseller Hosting packages come with a Reseller Control Panel (WHM) that allows you to set up multiple cPanel accounts and host multiple websites, all with one low price. Just like our Shared Hosting, all cPanel accounts under the Reseller have access to Softaculous 1 click installer.

If You’ll Be Hosting Others

Recommended Hosting Package: Cloud VPS

When hosting others, you may want your friends/clients to have their own logins to manage their own sites. Having a semi-dedicated Cloud VPS solution allows you the freedom of a Dedicated Server, without the cost. And since our Cloud VPS is Managed, you’ll continue to have the same great support any of our hosting clients enjoy.

On A Budget? Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting works pretty much the same way as the Cloud VPS, except you can’t give others reseller permissions and you won’t get dedicated resources. Many of our clients may start their businesses with a Reseller, then move to a Cloud VPS when they’ve outgrown it or have begun making enough income to justify the higher cost.

If You Develop And Maintain Multiple Sites For Clients

Recommended Hosting Package: Managed WordPress Power Managed w/MultiSite

Some of our clients develop websites for others, while offering them ongoing support and maintenance. With the Power Managed package you get the robust Cloud VPS so you can host a large number of sites. And by using MultiSite, you can have all of the sites accessible to you from within one Network while allowing your clients access with or without limits. Our WordPress Experts can help you set up your Network, as well as make recommendations for condensing multiple sites into one MultiSite.

Not Interested In MultiSite? Reseller or Cloud VPS

Depending on the size and amount of sites you’re hosting, either of these options would work. Many clients choose to start with a Reseller, then move to a Cloud VPS when they’re ready. We will handle the move for you and take all necessary steps to ensure you don’t have any downtime on your sites.

What About Size?

When it comes to choosing the size of your package, it can actually be pretty straight-forward. Keeping in mind that you can always change your plan (upgrade or downgrade) at any time, you don’t have to be exact about this.

Already Have A Site?

If the site is already standing and you’re just looking for a better host, you can take a look at your current usage and pick a plan that’s comparable. Most hosting companies claim to allow you large amounts of space, but they aren’t really expecting you to use it all. We keep our server loads manageable by selling only the resources we have, instead of selling you larger numbers and hoping you won’t use it.

Any Brand New Site

No matter what type of site you have, our first¬†Shared Hosting or Managed WordPress packages will work if it’s a brand new site. For new sites your focus will be on building content and readers and your budget will be minimal. Choose a minimal package to start and work your way up.

Image Intensive Sites

If you have a site with a lot of images, you’ll likely want to choose one of the medium or larger packages. Optimizing your images for web will also be important if you’re on a budget. Start with the smallest package you think will work, then upgrade when you need more space.

Hosting Files or Videos

No matter what type of site you have, I don’t recommend hosting your own files or videos unless you have just a few and they’re relatively small. There’s no reason to pay for the space and bandwidth to host these files on your own domain when you can make use of a free service like Vimeo, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

Why Managed WordPress?

WordPress is the most widely used Content Management System for a good reason. Because WordPress is open source, it allows communities of people to come together and make whatever they want from it. WordPress isn’t just for blogging anymore. You can use it to create forums, a gallery, a corporate website, even a course platform. There’s really nothing WordPress can’t do. Because WordPress is so popular, it’s also vulnerable to hackers. Not WordPress specifically, usually the themes and plugins added to it. This vulnerability means that WordPress has to be maintained on a regular basis, which isn’t something everyone has time for. Not only do you need to check on it regularly, but you need to understand what to do when something goes wrong. Choosing a Managed WordPress package takes this responsibility off your plate. We handle the security, performance, maintenance, and even some minor content updates when needed. That leaves you free to focus on what’s important.

Nothing Quite Fits?

If nothing we’ve listed here feels right, please contact us via Live Chat or Email. Tell us exactly what you’ve got going on and we’ll make recommendations for you based on your needs and budget.

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