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Why You Need WHOIS ProtectionI was perusing some Facebook groups relating to website development and came across someone who was desperate for a solution to his problem. He was getting about 30 calls a day from companies trying to sell him stuff because his information was public on every domain he had.

My first thought was, “You should have ID Protect.” By purchasing ID Protect with his domain name, he would have kept all of his information private and all the cold calls would have never happened. Adding it now would protect against people getting his information in the future, but it won’t do anything for those who already had it. It’s better to get it before the trouble even comes your way.

It’s About Your Privacy

Honestly, hiding his phone number, email, and home address should have been a top priority. The WHOIS database is akin to the white pages, where anyone can get your information. Granted, there are many ways online for people to find personal information about others, but your domain name shouldn’t be one of them. And the fact that your information has to be up-to-date at all times makes it pretty darn accurate.

It’s About Your Security

Even if being annoyed by sales people and telemarketers doesn’t bother you, having your personal contact information available for anyone to see might just be a security concern. I’d like to say everyone loves you and would never like to see harm come to you, but there are no guarantees in this world.

Ordering ID Protect on your domain names will hide your phone, email, and street address from anyone who might use your domain to try to locate you. If you will be running a website, no matter what the content, you don’t want just anyone to be able to find out where you live.

You Can’t Use Fake Info

When you register a domain name you’re agreeing to provide accurate information for contacting you. Not providing accurate information could lead to you losing your domain name completely. The registration authority will send out random confirmation emails to make sure your information is correct and if you don’t respond they will suspend your domain name.

What Does ID Protect Look Like?

IDProtect will show WHOISGuard’s information instead of showing your name, email address, phone number, and street address. While this contact information will not be yours, it still allows you to be contacted through the information if necessary. You won’t have to worry about sales calls, but you will still get the important emails necessary to keep your domain active.

Add ID Protect Today

If you’ve already got a domain, you can add it any time. If you’re about to register a domain, I highly recommend adding it right away. Don’t wait and allow yourself to become a victim.

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