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New Packages, New Offerings, and other New Prices Effective Sept 1 25th Aug 2023

Over this past year we've seen many of the prices of our providers rising - from the control panel we use, the domain authorities, and our payment processors. Even the owned license of the portal we had has become a new monthly expense. Due to the rise of business costs we've decided to re-evaluate our services and offerings and update our prices ... Read More »

Software Updates Aug 30 - Sept 1 *Rescheduled* 24th Aug 2023

**These updates have been rescheduled to take place September 5-7** All of our legacy servers (Autumn, Celeste, Ghost) will be receiving updates on August 30,2023 in regards to PHP and MySQL in preparation to for a new OS. At this time, we will be fully removing all PHP versions before PHP 8, so please make sure all of your sites are migrated ... Read More »

Libra Planned Outage - OS Update 11th Aug 2023


Our Libra server will be undergoing an OS update 08-15-2023. Expected impact is around 1 hour.

During this time the server will reboot multiple times and should be expected to be unavailable.


Network Outage 6.8.2023 8th Jun 2023

The network which serves our servers in the East datacenter (Atlanta) experienced an outage today from 3:20pm Eastern to 4:30pm Eastern during routine maintenance. This downtime was not server related, it was due to an issue on the network where the servers are connected. If you're still experiencing issues loading your site or connecting to ... Read More »

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