Blocked by Firewall

Sometimes we get emails from clients who cannot view their website when others can, or their website stops loading after they've tried more than 5 times to log in and failed. The reason for this is usually because of the server's firewall.

The server's firewall is put in place to protect you, the client, and to protect us, the provider. We'll tell you many times throughout troubleshooting that we have to make an educated determination between server security and giving clients the flexibility to use the scripts they want/need on their website. In order to allow you to use some scripts, we've had to put in a firewall that will block anyone who attempts to use the server inappropriately.

The most common reason for the firewall is to keep other people from guessing your password. From time to time your cPanel username may be displayed on your website, so the only protection against a possible hacker is the security of your cPanel password. Many clients prefer to use an easier to remember password, over a long string of letters, numbers, and symbols. To make this possible, we have the firewall set up to block any IP address that attempts to log in to a service more than 5 times.

If this has happened to you, you will need to contact support and provide us with your domain name and IP address.


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