Add-On Services

A few extras to help you make the most of your account.
Let our experts handle the hard work so you can focus on your site!


WordPress Boost

Let us give your WordPress a boost! Whether it’s a fresh install or a site that just needs some TLC, we will help you make sure your site is running smoothly and securely.

WordPress Rescue

If your WordPress site has been hacked our WordPress Experts will clean out the hacked files and restore your site! For an extensive list of services, check it out in the portal.

VIP Support

If you want quicker, more in-depth support, this option is for you. Anything from technical issues, to content updates can be done for you quicker than you’ve ever seen.

Fast Track Support

This option is available on a per-ticket basis and allows you to boost your ticket to the top of the list, as well as alert all our techs that your issue needs attention – for a super low price!


FREE SSL Certificate

All of our clients get access to a free SSL Certificate, backed by Comodo – the most trusted source in SSL! No need to contact us, your account will automatically have SSL within an hour!

Premium SSL Certificate

For those who are accepting credit card or other personal information, you’ll want to get an SSL Certificate backed by a warranty. Click UPGRADE to browse our selection.

Domain Names

Every Annual Hosting and Managed WordPress order comes with a free domain name, but if you need more domains they start at just $14.99/yr. Check below to see if your domain is available!

WHOIS Protection

Our ID Protect service is available on most domain extensions and you can add it when you order your domain name. Don’t let just anyone see your personal address and phone number!

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