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Domain Prices Update 09/01

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When the web started to explode, domain prices reduced drastically in a short period. If anyone remembers the days when you had to register a .com for 2 years at $70, leave us a comment and let us know you’re here.

At one point domains had dipped so low you could easily find one for $8 or less. Well, I guess they caught on to how much they could make and decided it was time to start raising prices, so up they went. Every year it seemed like they raised by $.25, then $.50. Then $1.

We’ve tried to keep our domain prices competitive over the years, but they have steadily raised and our prices haven’t changed in a few years. Even an announced price increase in 2016 didn’t actually take place. Because of this, we’re having to catch up now.

September 1st we will be updating our domain prices based on our current pricing with our partner Enom. But don’t worry, all domains registered with yearly hosting accounts will continue to be FREE.

The most affordable option for registering/renewing your domain is to set it up with your yearly hosting. Not only will you get a free domain, but you will get 2 free months on your hosting. Score!

New Price (.com, .net, .org): $14.99/yr

Another Domain Price Change

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This article was created to alert you to the fact that .NET is raising their prices again and they will be adjusted accordingly in the portal’s pricing. This change is effective February 1, 2015. If you currently have a domain registered and due for renewal in the February-March-April time frame, I would suggest renewing it now for the best price. Possibly even for multiple years, considering the .NET extension yearly price has gone up more than $4 over the past decade.

It is not only us. Wherever your .NET domain is registered, the price is going up!

Over the past years we have tried to absorb many of the price increases and continue to offer the free domain registration/renewal with yearly hosting. We attempted to offset the .NET price increase by only increasing our prices by half, and allowing the .COM’s lower cost to cover the difference. In this year’s increase, the .COM will no longer be able to do this as .NET registrations are more common and it is the biggest increase yet.

Based on the new pricing, starting February 1st we will be offering .NET at $13.99/yr.

All other domain extension prices will remain the what they are now until their authorities change the prices.

New Domain Prices

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As of August 31 the domain authority has raised the registration price of some domain extensions, which has trickled down to all domain registrars and resellers. Due to this raise in our cost, we have had to make some pretty hard decisions on the price of domains we offer. The goal was to keep prices as low as possible for our clients, while making sure that we weren’t throwing ourselves under the bus. We already offer certain extensions in our free domains with yearly hosting, but what about those of you who want more than one domain?

Rather than raising some domains a lot, we’ve opted for raising all domains a little. The purchases of the domains that didn’t go up in our cost will help to cover those domains that did go up. But, more than simply raising slightly across the board, we’ve also added a few extensions to our offerings to give you more options. Here are the current extensions we’re offering and the prices..

$11.99/yr –,, .es, .de, .be

$12.49/yr – .com, .net, .org, .us (must be US citizen), .nl

$12.99/yr – .info, .biz, .pw,,

$19.99/yr – .eu, .ca

$24.99/yr – .mobi,,,

$29.99/yr –,,, .cc, .me, .co

$79.99/yr –,,

$15.99/2yr –,, (must be UK citizen)

$59.99/2yr – .nu

If you would like to see us offer a domain extension that is not listed here, please comment on this post and let us know, if it is one our registrar offers we will add it.

For current clients who already have domains registered with us, you will not see an increase in the renewal cost of your domains until October 10. This gives you 30 days to renew at the previous, lower cost.

Free Domain Name

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I’m labeling this as a promotion, though it doesn’t really ever end. We will always provide free domain registrations to clients who register their hosting on an annual basis. The free domain deal continues for as long as you renew your hosting annually. But there are some rules.

  1. The domain must be a .com, .net, .org, .de, .be, or .nl. We cannot offer this for all extensions, as domain prices can be more than your hosting, if you get the right one.
  2. It must be the primary domain on the hosting account. The portal will automatically take off the price of the domain if you register the domain with the hosting account.
  3. You must register/transfer the domain at the time you sign up for your hosting. This is not something that can be added later.
  4. The free domain deal does not require a coupon code and there are no coupons available on domain registrations. Coupons for hosting will work with this.

On top of getting a free domain name with your annual subscription, you will also get 2 free months of your hosting. Even on our smallest package, this is a savings of $23.44 every year.

Your domain registration lasts for a full year, why not have your hosting for the same time period? On top of the savings outlined above, you also have the ease of one renewal date and one place to manage all your website related products. We even offer SSL Certificates and other addon products your site could need.

Already own your domain? If you already own your domain and you’d like to continue to renew it for free with your annual subscription, just contact support and we will help you transition into your new package. If your domain is registered with another registrar, it will be required that you transfer it to us to get the free domain renewal deal.

Free Domain For Life

Register your domain with your yearly hosting plan to save. Your domain registration will be free and you’ll also get 2 months of free hosting!

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