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Domain Prices Update 09/01

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When the web started to explode, domain prices reduced drastically in a short period. If anyone remembers the days when you had to register a .com for 2 years at $70, leave us a comment and let us know you’re here.

At one point domains had dipped so low you could easily find one for $8 or less. Well, I guess they caught on to how much they could make and decided it was time to start raising prices, so up they went. Every year it seemed like they raised by $.25, then $.50. Then $1.

We’ve tried to keep our domain prices competitive over the years, but they have steadily raised and our prices haven’t changed in a few years. Even an announced price increase in 2016 didn’t actually take place. Because of this, we’re having to catch up now.

September 1st we will be updating our domain prices based on our current pricing with our partner Enom. But don’t worry, all domains registered with yearly hosting accounts will continue to be FREE.

The most affordable option for registering/renewing your domain is to set it up with your yearly hosting. Not only will you get a free domain, but you will get 2 free months on your hosting. Score!

New Price (.com, .net, .org): $14.99/yr

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