What is the difference between a Shared package with WHM and a Reseller package?

If you look at our packages, you will see that it is less expensive to add WHM to a shared hosting account than it is to purchase a reseller package straight up. Why is this?

With the shared hosting package, when you add WHM the main account becomes a part of the space allocation. This means that the main domain will share the space and bandwidth with all of the other accounts. When you purchase 1500mb space and 50gb bandwidth all accounts will share this space, none using all of it.

With a reseller package, the main account gets its own full sized package, then you can also add accounts under the reseller to the full space/bandwidth allocation. So a reseller with 1500mb space and 50gb bandwidth would get the full amount for the main account, then an additional 1500mb space and 50gb bandwidth for all sites under the reseller to share, to a total of 3000mb space and 100gb bandwidth. The reseller may also request to set up custom nameservers and purchase mutliple dedicated IP addresses.

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